Frequently Asked Questions

Cardmember Benefits

What benefits are offered with my Diners Club Card?
Diners Club cards are accepted at millions of merchants throughout 185 countries for everyday usage. Diners Club Cardmembers also enjoy the convenience of over 845,000 ATMs and cash access locations. Furthermore, we provide valued benefits beyond everyday payment convenience, such as admittance to more than 450 airport lounges worldwide.
Privileges® merchant offers feature valuable promotions available exclusively to Diners Club Cardmembers. Get access to offers in travel, dining, shopping, golf, and more!
Diners Club offers you the convenience of a mobile application so you can connect to Diners Club anytime, anywhere. If you are a Diners Club enthusiast, you may also visit the Diners Club company store to obtain custom Diners Club logo items.
Click here for details on additional cardmember benefits.
How do I locate an ATM?
Click here to use the ATM and Diners Club Cash Access locator.
How do I locate an Airport Lounge?
Click here to use the Diners Club Airport Lounge locator.
How do I access Diners Club Privileges® program?
Click here to access the Diners Club Privileges® program.
How do I download the Diners Club mobile application?
Click here to select your language and operating system to download the Diners Club mobile application.
How do I access the DinersClubStore?
Click here to access the DinersClubStore and show your enthusiasm for Diners Club with one or more of the custom items offered.
Who should I contact if I have a question about my cardmember benefits?
Click here for Customer Service.
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