Frequently Asked Questions

Spend Analyzer

What is the Spend Analyzer?
The Spend Analyzer is an interactive tool that allows you to view your spending by category, merchant, and across different time periods.
Where do I start?
When the Spend Analyzer loads, it provides a snapshot of your current month's purchases. Just mouse over the pie chart slices and click for more detail.
In what time frames can my spending be viewed on Spend Analyzer?
Your spending can be viewed in time periods of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, year-to-date, or last year.
What is the Spending History Chart?
The Spending History chart is the graph to the right of the pie chart that allows you to compare your spending by month. Move the slider underneath to view different months, and click a column to view that month's detail in the pie chart and the transactions area below.
How do I view more detail?
Click on the pie chart or one of the corresponding links to drill down and view spending within a specific category. Click again on a merchant to view individual transactions made at that specific merchant. Scroll down to view the details in the transactions area.
How do I drill back up?
Click on the breadcrumb trail just above the pie chart to go up a level. You can also click on the Reset button to go back to the default view.
Is there a list of my transactions?
Scroll down to view the transactions depicted in the pie and spending history charts. This section allows you to view your transactions several ways: Click a column header to sort your transactions. Click the Print or Save to PDF button to create a permanent snapshot of your spending. Use the text resizing icon to increase or decrease the transaction area text size.
What is the "Additional" pie slice?
The pie chart displays a maximum of 20 slices. Spending periods with more activity have the Additional slice, which groups the transactions. Click on the Additional slice to view the details.
Where do I print or save my information?
Click the "Print or Save to PDF" button to create a permanent record of your spending. Adobe Reader version 8 or higher is required to view the PDF file.
How do I use the Spending History Chart?
You can quickly compare month-over-month spending from any view—category, merchant, or transaction—with the Spending History chart.
How do I get more information about a specific month?
Mouse over the chart for additional detail. You can also navigate to a specific month by clicking on that month, or use the slider right underneath the chart to quickly scroll through your spending history.
Why are some columns a different colour?
The time period displayed in the pie chart and transaction is always highlighted in a different color in the Spending History chart. If multiple columns are highlighted, click on a single month to view spending data for that month only.
How can I use the Spend Analyzer to compare spending?
See at a glance how much you spent across different time periods with the Spending History chart.
Click the Previous/Next arrows to view your spending at any level from month-to-month.
Drill down by clicking on the pie chart to get more detail within each category, or view specific purchases at a merchant.
Sort your transactions and scroll through them to view more transaction detail.
Does the Spend Analyzer show all my transactions?
The Spend Analyzer shows your purchases, but may not include all spend activity, such as returns, balance transfers, cash advances and other/miscellaneous statement charges.
Why do some transactions appear in unexpected categories?
Transactions are assigned to categories by the merchant where the transaction occurred, and sometimes reflect the merchant type more than the purchase (e.g., school supplies purchased at a grocery store may show up in the "Supermarket" category instead of "Education").
Why don't my spending totals match my monthly Statement Balance?
There are two reasons:
  1. The Spend Analyzer shows your purchases, but may not include all spend activity, such as returns, fees, disputes, cash advances and other/miscellaneous statement charges.
  2. The Spend Analyzer is based on calendar month. Your statements may follow a different cycle.
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