Frequently Asked Questions

Website Technical Support

What are cookies? Do I need to be enabled for cookies?
A cookie is an encrypted text file that we place on your computer and use to identify you to the website. You must ensure that your browser is enabled to accept cookies, including session cookies, to use
What is JavaScript? Do I need to have JavaScript enabled?
JavaScript is a small program module that allows certain functionality on web applications. If you experience problems, you will need to ensure that your browser is enabled for JavaScript.
When can I access
The website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Occasional and infrequent short interruptions may occur for technical upgrades.
How can I confirm I have a secure link with Diners Club?
You will know you have a secure link with Diners Club when you connect to when you see "https:" in your browser's address bar. Additionally, you will see a closed padlock symbol on the status bar of your browser.
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