Frequently Asked Questions

Tips to Protect Your Account

Is secure?
The site is secure. Diners Club uses the highest encryption standard to protect your online account information and encrypt usernames and passwords when authenticating cardmembers.
What security measures are in place on
We currently have multiple industry-standard security solutions in place including:
  • 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that encodes the personal information you send over the Internet
  • Multiple firewall layers
Do I need to log out of
Yes, log out by selecting the "Log Out" link at the top of each page. You'll see a new page confirming that you have logged out.
If you don't log out, others using the same computer could potentially access information saved or cached in the memory of the browser. As an extra precaution, close your browser's window before leaving the computer.
What should I use for password?
A good password is easy for you to remember but hard for somebody else to guess. Avoid using passwords that others might guess such as a birth date, government ID number, or pet's name.
Select passwords you will remember, but try replacing some of the letters with numbers—"secret" might be "s1cr1t" for example.
And mix up your passwords—use different passwords at different Web sites..
Do I have to establish security questions for my account?
You will be asked to select and answer 3 questions to provide a high level of security for your account. You may be asked one of these questions when you log into your account, especially when you log in from a new computer or electronic device.
What can I do to make my account more secure?
You can continuously view and monitor your transactions online and contact Customer Service if you see any suspicious transactions. You also can sign up for Email and Text Message Alerts to receive a text or email mesage when your balance exceeds a certain threshold and when a transaction exceeds a specific amount.
What should I do to monitor my account for possible fraud?
You should regularly check your statement for any suspicious or unknown purchases. If you notice any unusual transactions, check with anyone who may have used your card to see if they recognize the transactions. If they do not, you can contact Customer Service.
Note: You might also want to notify Customer Service if you are planning extensive travel, especially outside of your home region.
If my phone is lost or stolen, can someone access my card information through mobile site?
Your information cannot be accessed as long as you log out after every phone session. If you do forget to log out, the mobile site will log you out after a certain amount of time. If you are uneasy make sure to monitor your account activity and look for any unusual transactions. If you notice any unusual transactions contact Customer Service.
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